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  • Star Trek Serie Classica: Colonne sonore

    Star Trek
    The Cage -
    Where No Man Has Gone Before
    Alexander Courage

    1985 GNP Crescendo Records (GNPD 8006)
    Durata complessiva: 43:23

     *  The Cage
              o Star Trek Theme (Main Title)                          (0:50)
              o Doctor Bartender (1:16)
              o Survivors (1:37)
              o Prime Specimen (3:08)
              o Bottled (1:46)
              o Probed (0:45)
              o Monster Illusion (1:13)
              o Monster Fight (1:37)
              o The Kibitzers (0:36)
              o Vena's Punishment (1:44)
              o Pike's Punishment (0:33)
              o Picnic (2:09)
              o True Love (1:17)
              o Vena's Dance (1:49)
              o Torchy Girl (0:12)
              o Under The Spell (0:26)
              o Primitive Thoughts (0:24)
              o Wrong Think (0:40)
              o To Catch a T. (1:19)
              o Going Up (1:06)
              o Max's Factor (2:04)
              o Star Trek Theme (End Title)                               (1:29)
     * Where No Man Has Gone Before
         o Main Title (0:14)
         o Star Date (0:34)
         o Episode Titles (1:18)
         o Force Field (2:17)
         o Silvery Orbs (1:49)
         o Crippled Ship (0:53)
         o Speedy Reader (0:50)
         o Hit The Button (0:03)
         o On Delta-Vega (0:37)
         o When Your Eyes Have Turned to Silver
         o Instant Paradise (2:50)
         o End Title and Credits (0:21)
         o Additional Credits (0:20)

Star Trek - Volume Two
The Doomsday Machine, Amok Time
Sol Kaplan, Gerald Fried, Alexander Courage

1991 GNP Crescendo Records (GNPD 8025)
Durata complessiva: 52:37

# Star Trek Main Title*
# The Doomsday Machine

    * Approach of Enterprise* / The Constellation
    * Going Aboard
    * Commander Matt Decker / The Crew that Was
    * What is Doomsday Machine / The Planet Killer*
    * Strange Boom / Decker Takes Over
    * The New Commander* / Light Beams* / Tractor Beam
    * Violent Shakes
    * Spock Takes Command / Decker's Foil / Sneaky Commodore
    * Goodbye Mr. Decker*
    * Condolences* / Power Drain
    * Kirk does it Again*
    * One's Enough

# Amok Time

    * Vulcan Fanfare^*
    * Prying
    * Mr. Spock
    * Contrary Order
    * T'Pring
    * Marriage Council
    * Vulcan
    * The Processional
    * The Challenge
    * The Ritual / Ancient Battle / 2nd Kroykah
    * Remorse / Marriage Council II
    * Resignation / Lazarus Return / Pig's Eye

# Star Trek End Title*

* Contiene il tema Star Trek TV Series di Alexander Courage
^ Musica non utilizzata nell'episodio

Star Trek - Volume Three
Shore Leave, The Naked Time
Gerald Fried, Alexander Courage

1992 GNP Crescendo Records (GNPD 8030)
Durata complessiva: 46:57

# Star Trek Main Title*
# Shore Leave

    * New Planet / Rabbit / School Chum
    * Old English
    * Ruth
    * Knight / Joust
    * A Clue / Finnigan's Return / Leg Trick
    * Dirt Trick
    * Tiger Thoughts / 2nd Samurai
    * Caretaker / Lazarus
    * 2nd Ruth
# The Naked Time

    * Trailer
    * Brass Monkeys*
    * Joe Berserk
    * Sulu Finks Out
    * D'Artagnan / Banana Farm
    * Out of Control / Lurch Time / Punchy Kid
    * Party Time
    * Medicine Girl
    * Hot Sun / Off the Cloud
    * Captain's Wig
    * The Big Go*
    * Time Reverse / Future Risk*

# Star Trek End Title*

* Contiene il tema Star Trek TV Series di Alexander

Star Trek - Volume 1 - Newly Recorded
Is There In Truth No Beauty?, Paradise Syndrome
Gerald Fried, George Duning
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Tony Bremner

1992 Fifth Continent Music/Label X (LXE 703)
Durata complessiva: 42:52

 *  Is There In Truth No Beauty?
          o Enter Miranda Ambassador Arrival
          o McCoy's Toast
          o Quite A Woman
          o Marvick Pleads
          o Marvick Mad
          o Marvick Beserk
          o Marvick Dies
          o Sentimental Jim
          o Blind Miranda
          o No Change
          o Miranda Mad
          o Miranda's Farewell
* Paradise Syndrome
          o Pine Trees
          o The Amerinds
          o Tahiti Syndrome
          o The Brain Wash
          o Miramanee
          o Breath of Life
          o The New God
          o Dilithium Problem
          o Wash Day
          o Salish Fluffed
          o Potter Kirk
          o Naming the God
          o Joining Day
          o Challenge
          o The Ceremony
          o Birth Announcement
          o False God
          o Death of Miramanee

Star Trek - Volume 2 - Newly Recorded
I Mudd, The Enemy Within, Spectre Of The Gun, Conscience Of The King
Samuel Matlovsky, Sal Kaplan, Jerry Fielding, Joseph Mullendore
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Tony Bremner

1992 Fifth Continent Music/Label X (LXE 704)
Durata complessiva: 45:53

    *  Conscience Of The King
          o Spaceship Titles
          o Lenore
          o Lenore's Kiss
          o Everything is Later
          o Ophelia Mania
          o Last Cue
    * Spectre Of The Gun
          o Melkot's Warning
          o Tombstone
          o Teeth Pulling
          o My Name
          o Doc Hollyday
          o Love Scene in Old West
          o Chekov Gets Killed
          o Ten Minutes
          o We're Trapped
          o Final Curtain
* The Enemy Within
          o The Rock Slide
          o The Tired Captain
          o Bruised Knuckles
          o An Imposter
          o Undecisive
          o Alter Ego
          o Another Brandy
          o Double Dog Death
          o Help Me
          o Thank You
          o Yeoman
    * I, Mudd
          o Alice in the Wonderland
          o Mudd's Series
          o Tired of Happiness
          o Stella
          o The Last Straw
          o Stella 500

Star Trek Sound Effects
1988 GNP Crescendo Records (GNPD 8010)
Durata complessiva: 40:23

Contiene 69 tracce di effetti sonori tratti dai telefilm della Serie Classica, tra essi: Enterprise Bridge Sequence, Transporter Energize, Dematerialization, Materialization, Red Alert Claxon, Buttons on Bridge, Main Viewing Screen, Photon Torpedo, Warp Drive Acceleration, Enterprise Doors, Food Synthesizer, Tribble Coos e molti altri.

Star Trek
Charlie X, The Corbomite Maneuver, Mudd's Women, The Doomsday Machine
Fred Steiner, Sol Kaplan
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Fred Steiner

1985 Varese Sarabande Records (VSD 47235)
Durata complessiva: 41:23
    *  Main Title and Closing Theme (1:19)
    * The Corbomite Maneuver (5:03)
          o Radiation / Cube Radiation / Baby Balok / Fesarius Approaches
    * Charlie X (13:48)
          o Kirk's Command / Charlie's Mistery / Charlie's Gift
          o Kirk is Worried / Card Tricks / Charlie's Yen
          o Zap Sam / Zap Janice / Zap the Cap
          o Zap the Spaceship
          o Charlie's Friend / Goodbye Charlie / Finale
    * The Doomsday Machine (5:39)
          o Goodbye Mr. Decker / Kirk Does It Again

    * Mudd's Women (14:54)
          o Three Venuses / Meet Mr. Mudd / Hello                            Girls / Venus Aboard / Mudd Laffs
          o Hello Ruth / The Last Crystal / The Venus Drug
          o Planet Rigel / Eve is Out / Space Radio
          o Eve Cooks / Pretty Eve / Mudd's Farewell

Star Trek Volume Two
Mirror Mirror, By Any Other Name, The Trouble With Tribbles, The Empath
Fred Steiner, Jerry Fielding, George Duning
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Fred Steiner

1986 Varese Sarabande Records (VSD 47240)
Durata complessiva: 41:54

# Main Title and Closing Theme
# By Any Other Name

    * Neutralizer / Kelvan Theme / More Neutralizers / Broken Blocks
    * Rojan's Revenge / Rojan's Blocks / Pretty Words / Rojan's Victory / Finale

# The Trouble With Tribbles

    * A Matter of Pride / No Tribble at All / Big Fight
# Mirror Mirror

    * Mirror, Mirror / Black Ship Theme / The Agonizer /            Meet Marlena
    * Black Ship Tension / Goodbye MArlena                             Short Curtain

# The Empath

    * Enter Gem / Kirk Healed
    * Vian Lab / The Subjects / Cave Exit / Star Trek                 Chase
    * Help Jim / Spock Stuck / McCoy Tortured
    * Time Grows Short
    * Vian's Farewell / Empath Finale

In occasione del trentesimo anniversario di Star Trek, questi due CD della Varese Sarabande Records sono usciti anche in versione Limited 2 CD-BOX Anniversary Set, cioè in un cofanetto (codice VSD 5762-2) che li contiene entrambi.

Symphonic Suites from Star Trek
1998 Delta Entertainement (Laserlight 21 356)
Durata complessiva: 44:57

Si tratta delle colonne sonore commissionate rispettivamente a George Duning, Joseph Mullendore e Jerry Fielding per gli specifici episodi indicati ma che poi non sono state utilizzate nella versione definitiva dell'episodio.

# Is there in truth no beauty?
# Conscience of the King
# Spectre of the Gun

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